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Inspired & Well-Wired

An embodied healing and personal empowerment journey

Integrate the light of summer with this simple & science-backed, 

transformational group challenge! September 2023.

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Hey you. If you're anything like me, you've been on a healing path so long, that there have been moments you forgot why you got on it in the first place. Maybe at times you've found yourself somewhat aimlessly wandering through a liminal forest, swearing that you've already passed that same tree a time or two or seventeen.. Yes - healing is a spiral, not linear. And yes, enjoying the ride is key. AND, if you got stepped into a healing path to experience less suffering and more happiness, than it might be time to consider this a checkpoint, pause and ask; how is that going? Are you still be guided by happiness, or by perpetual healing? Are you taking the turns that will lead you closer to your intention? 

If you ask my closest friends, I have
notoriously been the first one to raise my hand to try something new (and at times, *extreme*) for wellness and spiritual connection; elaborate rituals, detoxing, all the mystical readings, endless study, and so much more… I've been on this path for ten years now, and for the most part, enjoying myself and tasting as many flavors of life as I can along the way (hello 3/5 experimenter in human design).  At some point though, I recognized that I wasn't really receiving what I intended in the first place; which was to actually feel, live and relate better. It wasn't the fault of any of the modalities I tried, but my approach to them and the over-saturation at any given moment. I didn't understand what would or wouldn't make practices effective or why I wasn't getting results. As I learned more about the nervous system and trauma, I started to notice what actually worked for me and why.

I began to realize the transformational power and impact of
working in community with simplicity and repetition. 

Repetition is the key for transformation, and the same thing that keeps us stuck in autopilot patterns of self-sabotage. Think about driving. The more times you travel the same way, the more on auto-pilot you become. You can get there without thinking much about what turns you take. If you start to go a new way, after enough repetitions you'll eventually  be able it get there either way without using a GPS. The same goes for our neural circuitry. In Inspired and Well-Wired, we'll practice new pathways of gratitude and celebration together that create the foundation, the fertile soil, for all other transformational work to root into and grow from. 


So whether its grater inner peace, deeper intimacy, or anything else that you're after, this challenge is for you. Simple enough to integrate into your pre-existing daily routines, and profound enough to make a real impact. This challenge is backed by neuroscience & trauma-informed. It's the lowest cost way to work with me and (and as someone who specializes in women's work), one of few opportunities for men to join me in this all-genders-inclusive container.  If you feel the call, I encourage you to give yourself this gift and come connect in community with kindred souls as we get inspired and well-wired for all the beautiful things we desire.

See what clients are saying about working with me as their guide.

Three Tier Pricing:

Standard: $111 I'm good and well

Sponsor: $175 I'm thriving and giving

Scholarship: $55 I get by with a little help from my friends

*The lowest price tier is reserved for BIPOC & global minority communities, single parents, or those recovering from PTSI whose financial stability has been challenged by their mental and emotional wellbeing. If you can afford the highest price tier, know that this allows more scholarships to be given in the future to those that need it.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What's Included?


Meet Your Guide: Rahlüne
Transformational Mentor & MC Artist

Hi! I'm Raylyn DiPaolo (artistically known as Rahlüne), a 650-hour trained VITA method coach. For ten years now, I have devoted myself to a path of healing from chronic anxiety, recurrent depressive spells and suicidal ideation. I recently learned that my symptoms were a result of suffering through complex, post traumatic stress injury from various traumas in my early life. With the help of modern neuroscience, ancient mystical practices, and many trusted guides on my path, I am finally primarily living from pleasure & purpose rather than repeating cycles of suffering. I have a greater appreciation for the full-spectrum of human experience and the tools needed to flow through life without getting stuck in an undesired state for long. I'm here to show others what has worked for me, be a guiding light for your unique radiance and process, and create community along the way.

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