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What you can expect...

Embodied intimacy: you'll be guided inward to slow down, listen, feel and heal the experience of your life through connecting with your bodies innate wisdom and memory. 

Meet yourself: archetype and shadow work integrated in ways that can feel light, fun & have you eating shame for breakfast. 

Desire reclamation: shift your orientation to life from what you don't want, to what you do. Increase self-trust by claiming the divine design of your unique desires as your compass.

Practice surrender: meet the part of yourself that revels in the sensational, energetic pleasures of deep acceptance & love.

Emotional Empowerment: practice fun ways for relating to your emotions in a supportive, enlivening and empowering way.

Sacred Sexuality: reconnect to your sacred body temple from a place rooted in safety & pleasure using ancient tantric rituals. 

Learn more below <3


Embodied Transformation
Coaching for Individuals


Hi! I'm Raylyn, a certified 650-hour Love, Sex and Relationship Coach in The VITA™ Method which is the primary modality I use in my 1-1 coaching. I'd love to share a description of this method in my teacher, Layla Martin’s words: “The VITA™ Method is a transformational process to heal and awaken sexuality. Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, we use holistic tools like breathwork, pleasure practices, trauma healing, meditation, energy work, sounding, and movement that can resolve even the deepest issues.” The acronym VITA stands for Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach. Layla studied classical and neo-tantra for twenty years and was educated in Human Sexuality at Stanford University before bringing this modality to life several years ago. Though there are many practical tools and practices that the VITA method brings, it is primarily a holistic, embodied, bottom-up approach to effect lasting change by working with the subconscious mind through the body.

Client Asa Angel, Intuitive Reiki Master & RYT picked up on the nature of this work right away. Here's what she said after working together for several sessions: "Working with Raylyn has been nothing short of magical! Her warm approach made me feel comfortable and understood right from our first session. No judgment, no pressure—just a genuine desire to see me thrive. What makes Raylyn so unique is her ability to blend ancient wisdom with modern insights. It's like she has a treasure trove of mystical knowledge and practical techniques to help you reconnect back to yourself.  I feel more connected to my inner self and have seen manifestations of these changes in my external world since we have worked together. I am so grateful and look forward to working together again!"

Outside of the VITA Method, I am also trained in Level Two Reiki energy work, Thai Bodywork and Global Caravan belly dance teaching. Sensual movement classes and tantric bodywork sessions (aimed to purify, balance and activate the chakras, inner elements and five senses via touch, sound and energy work) are also available interchangeably during the full coaching package and/or as separate services.

On a personal level, I'm a forever student always expanding and evolving what I think I know. I'm a sensual mystic, nurturer and artist by nature. I'm a lover of earth and a deep believer in sacred reciprocity. Elementally reverent and conscious of impact. With a silly and playful nature, I'm not afraid to bust out unusual movements on an empty dance floor. I'm equal parts rainbow feathered serpent and grey, ephemeral void blob. My experiences in service have ranged from dancing burlesque to singing to the dying. I've spent a lot of my life connected to grief and have also found a way to meet life with hope, love, gratitude and zest, alchemizing the fear, pain and destruction into love and artistic gold. A proud paradox aiming to embrace it all with intimacy and presence. Thank you for receiving me!

I want to know who you are and for you to know who I serve, so you can determine if that's you or not. I love working with spiritual creatives who are desiring to reclaim their unique range, personal power and erotic aliveness. Those who are interested in working within their inner landscape to align with their authentic sexual/creative/energetic blueprint and desires. Who are either actively embracing or desiring to embrace the full spectrum of their divine, embodied essence from primal, barbaric heathen to holy, all-loving oracle. Those who subscribe to the idea that having a body with desires IS sacred, not something to transcend, disregard, repress or deny. Those who are ready to receive support, experience the healing power of emotional intimacy with self and others and to be deeply witnessed. Those who are comfortable and even excited to be in a spiritual coaching container that is rooted in the Tantric belief of a fiercely loving and accepting Goddess. Those who desire a balance of being witnessed in their process, receiving counsel, and participating in customized embodiment practices to effect transformation.


Now that you know a bit about me, this work and who I love to work with, what do you think? Are we soul kin? I believe that for me to be of the highest and deepest service to you, there needs to be a mutual resonance and understanding between us. If you feel like that's you, please use the form below to book a free discovery call.

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"I am so grateful for Raylyn and her powerful magic, safe container, and soothing energy. My coaching session transported me to a place deep inside of my soul. I was able to meet parts of my self that were hiding and needed to communicate with me. I returned feeling empowered, excited, and able to laugh at my seriousness. Raylyn makes you feel seen when the world doesn’t. I was able to integrate the insights from my session and take the lessons into the world with me. I highly recommend a coaching session for anyone working through dense energy or looking to uplevel."  

Nikki Cecelia
300 hour yoga teacher at Nikki
Cecelia Yoga

”Working with Raylyn provided me with an opportunity to return to parts of myself that I had been putting on pause. Her gentle yet focused approach to identifying and naming the different parts of ourselves truly helped me in the realms of self acceptance and self love. I’ve noticed a lasting impacts in my sensuality and my sexual well-being since working with Raylyn and for that, I am so grateful. I highly recommend any woman looking to enhance her relationship with herself to work with this incredible goddess who is here to empower the other goddesses around her.”

Sophia Avramides

Ayurvedic Health Coach, Planetary Herbalist & Owner of Avraveda

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