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Asa Angel
Intuitive Reiki Master & RYT

Client Asa Angel, Intuitive Reiki Master & RYT picked up on the nature of this work right away. Here's what she said after working together doing coaching and reiki for several sessions: "Working with Raylyn has been nothing short of magical! Her warm approach made me feel comfortable and understood right from our first session. No judgment, no pressure—just a genuine desire to see me thrive. What makes Raylyn so unique is her ability to blend ancient wisdom with modern insights. It's like she has a treasure trove of mystical knowledge and practical techniques to help you reconnect back to yourself.  I feel more connected to my inner self and have seen manifestations of these changes in my external world since we have worked together. I am so grateful and look forward to working together again!"

Kayla Sibilia

Owner of Altær Mobile Sauna

“The guidance from Raylyn allowed me to access a primal/ancestral dimension of sensuality I have not been able to in other healing rituals. It felt like unlocking wisdom that has been kept away from us intentionally. The container was safe, protected, playful and comforting. She normalized the entire self pleasure experience in a group setting. I'm in awe!”

Roxanne Jasparro

Psychic, Reiki Master & Owner of Bewitched of Scituate

“Raylyn taught a tribal belly dancing class @Bewitchedofscituate my shop and it was amazing! Raylyn has beautiful energy and her journaling and freedom of expression is beautiful to experience. So much healing in her class and so much fun! I would recommend this to anyone and the ladies wanted to do it once a week they loved it so much!”

Sean VanRiper

Shamanic Healer and Mesa Carrier of Q’ero lineage

"Raylyn is such a beautiful soul! I highly recommend attending her workshops! She has so much to offer in this world and I’m grateful and blessed to experience her magic.”

Alexis Sawyer

Virtual Reiki Client

"Raylyn does a wonderful job providing healing to your entire body. Her Reiki sessions leave you feeling energized & free. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance.”

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