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Vulvacious Womxn
1:1 Sacred Mentorship


Hello Wild One,

You, with the twinkle in your eye. You, who has come so close but never fully lost the shining thread of your own majesty, even amongst the rubble of your darkest days. You, who has courageously blinked your heart back open after what has felt like a lifetime of protection. You, who has ebbed and flowed between highly sensitive and highly dissociated, orgasmically alive and barely hanging on... I know you. You, whose body is home to a little one within who dreams of being known to her core. A little one who is sometimes scared, angry, grieving, tired, and yet, curious, adventurous, innocent, want to play and wants to belong...

And then there's the you adult You, the wild you who is (somewhere inside) turned on by your own unique shine. Oh Yes. You who knows you are damn sexy and sacred. You who is now accepting the cosmic permission slip to finally be ALL of it. To not be boxed or labeled as this or that. You... You who is learning that it is safe to shape-shift. You who is learning to see and live life beyond polarization and in recognition of your own wholeness and holiness in the both/and. The pattern interrupter. The cycle breaker. The generationally healing blessing of a human. The creator. The lover. The wanderer. The Goddess... Wow. Thank Goddess for you.

I believe you are here because our souls are cut from the same cosmic cloth. Two unique yet connected petals of a sacredly geometric flower and a mutual resonance that brought us together. You're here because you're exploring what it would be like to be seen, held and supported  in a whole new way. In a world that not only *doesn't prioritize* self-care (especially for the archetype of the perfectly people-pleasing woman) but actually *subtly shames* this kind of thing - I gotta say, fuckin' PROPS for being here. You are rewriting herstory, Queen.

I truly believe that having 1-1 support is game-changing. I dream of a world where everyone not only has a therapist (which I am not) to help them heal their trauma and get better at surviving, but also a coach/mentor (which I am) to help them thrive and align with their souls truest desires. PLUS all of the healing, supportive, playful and expansive personal and social  relationships that they desire. I believe most of us in the western world experience relational challenges directly connected to our childhood trauma and the patriarchal, capitalizing, colonizing, oppressive and divisive systems that collectively conditioned us from a young age.

But good news - we CAN heal these patterns and the simplest way is to start with ourselves. And luckily, we happen to live on magical planet whose very nature is collaborative and relationally harmonic. We just have to remember, practice and follow her lead.

Holding, activating and guiding my clients into greater harmony from the inside out is what I do. I am a trauma-informed sex, love & relationship coach using a tantric approach to healing & mind-body integration. I help fan the flames of your desires and show you how to shine a light of love on your road blocks. You can expect to see more clearly how the way you relate to yourself, your emotions & your body plays a role in the rest of your life. I understand that nervous system regulation (think of this as your bodies safety alert system) is at the core of a thriving and turned-on life. By combining the best of modern neuroscience and ancient mysticism, I offer a unique and effective approach to creating lasting transformation. For more on the journey that brought me here, read my story.

Besides safety, the other main pillars of the Vulvacious Womxn mentorship are Emotional Fluidity, Holistic Personal Empowerment & Sacred Sexuality. I believe that these are the keys for femme folks to remember their way back to their own sense of wholeness, holiness, and the erotic aliveness that is our birthrite and makes us radiate from the inside out.   


This container is meant to serve as a healing temple for your mind, heart, body & spirit. The live activation sessions look like a combination of guided embodiment practices, talk coaching to strengthen your relationship to your inner archetypal parts, and somatic work to create deeper holistic integration. You can expect to gain a richer, felt-sense of your inner world, a more enlivening relationship to your emotions, and a safer & sexier relationship to not only your vulva, but also your entire being




Vulvacious WomxnJuicy Details

This package includes:

  • One 60 minute orientation & desire mapping call

  • 12 Total transformational sessions (3x/month) which can include

    • VITA Method coaching on Sex, Love & Relationships​

    • Customized ceremonial rituals for your soulful liberation

    • Alchemical healing sessions using Reiki, Breathwork & Sound

    • Sensual Movement & Erotic Embodiment guidance

    • Personal stylist & Sacred Adornment services & guidance

    • A natal birth chart reading to understand your cosmology

    • If local to Providence: in-person sessions & bodywork

  • Home Play practices and rituals specifically designed for you

  • Integration & accountability support in between sessions on Whatsapp 2x/week


  • $3,000 for four months | Payment Plan: $750 per month

Fill out an application today:


xo, Raylyn

DISCLAIMER: Raylyn DiPaolo is not acting as a mental health counselor or a medical professional. Therefore, her services are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.

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