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1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

A deeply supported path of emotional liberation, shadow integration and embodied transformation.

  • 1 h 15 min
  • Virtual via Zoom Video Conferencing

Service Description

Become your own secure anchor, emotional sanctuary & powerful creatrix! Experience deep healing with the VITA method, a vital & integrated tantric approach to psycho-somatic transformational coaching with an optional focus on love and sex. This approach combines modern neuroscience with ancient mysticism to form a unique and well-rounded system to healing. In illuminating your inner wisdom and bodies innate inclination for wholeness, we work together to cultivate a profound sense of inner love and shadow integration that overtime, dissolves layers of internal friction that contribute to external dissatisfaction. We use your desire as our compass to make sure the inner work that's happening is aligned with the life you would be really delighted to have. I bring all of my nurturing, intuitive and practical skills to the table as an ally for your journey. This package includes ten 75-minute sessions meeting either twice or three times per month. While energy work is built into this method, sessions can be swapped for full Reiki sessions, readings, creative arts sessions or Sacred Adornment style consultations. *Please book free discovery first if you haven't already, unless we've already agreed to work together in a coaching package.* A three month minimum commitment is required. You may choose to have two or three sessions per month 2x/month sliding scale monthly rate: $220-$350 3x/month sliding scale monthly rate: $330-$525 Choose the pricing that works best for you! Please note: When you pay what you can rather than what is the least amount, you help me bring my services to more people who are in need. Throughout the journey I may recommend helpful books, self-care items or other holistic tools to support your transformation. Purchasing these are not required, but may be something you want to budget for if you are interested in that. $100-$200 can go a long way. Disclaimer: Due to the personal and unpredictable nature of life and transformation, there is no guarantee that you will be experiencing the total or exact manifestation of your desire at the end of three months. Your unique desire paired with your changing life and sacred pace dictates your timeline. As long as the relationship continues to be a good fit for both of us and there is space of my schedule, you will have the opportunity to continue receiving support beyond three months.

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