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Community Opportunities


Goddess Circles are a once monthly, virtual gathering held over zoom for vulva-havers only. They are a place for celebration, connection and ceremonial facilitation with an emphasis on embodied presence, nervous system nurturance, energetics, pleasure, and mysticism. The topic varies from month to month and may soon change to to a Sacred Circle for all genders. If that interests you, let me know! As of now, they are still for women/non-binary vulva-havers only. If you haven't already joined the Goddess Circles list to get notified of the next one, join here.

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Primal pulse is guided movement ceremony that utilizes elemental alchemy to open channels of the subtle-energetic and physical bodies. It combines both Yin and Yang, nonlinear and linear approaches to movement and is suitable for bodies of all gender expressions, ages and abilities as it is playful, exploratory and invitational in nature. Meaning: you simply can’t get it wrong! To find out when the next Primal Pulse session is, be sure to sign up to receive my love letter. Alternatively, if you are interested in having me guide a Primal Pulse session at your next community event, contact me. This practice serves as an excellent warm-up/opening ceremony for Ecstatic Dance and other holistic healing events.

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